Product review: Cycling Stars Trump Cards

Published by Lyn on 7 December 2014

Looking for a fun stocking filler or birthday present for the cyclist in your life? We checked out a set of Cycling Stars trump cards.

Cycling stars trump cards

Cycling Stars Trump Cards
Laurence King, £8.95

The debate will go on and on: the best cyclist ever? The toughest? The biggest cheat? Would Cavendish beat Merckx in a sprint? These trump cards go some way to solving these questions (but may also lead to more arguments).

They arrived at our house not long after we'd acquired a set of Frozen trump cards, so the mini-cyclists were by this time experts in the game and, given the obsession with cycling in our house, they embraced the pack with enthusiasm.  

Cycling Trump Cards

There are 30 cards in the pack, covering all the big names from different eras of cycling.

Each gets a rating for panache (Indurain 19 v Pantini 91), notoriety (Armstrong gets 98 – not sure what you have to do to get 100?), wins (Wiggins 6 v Coppi 33), climbing (Sean Kelly 51 v Anquetil 86), sprinting (Cavendish 99 v Merckx 80), and toughness (Hinault 83 v Fignon 47).

I can only imagine the fun Claire Beaumont, of Condor Cycles, had putting them together (or the arguments she had with her mates doing it).

The cards are illustrated by Rupert Smissen, a portraiture and figurative drawing specialist (Smissen has drawn all the riders on their bikes except Wiggins, who's lounging about on his throne).

These are a fun way to while away the time, and they came in handy during last year's Tour de France when we had two kids to occupy for several hours while we waited for the peloton to arrive. (Good for big kids and pub quizzers, too).  

Available from Laurence King, £8.95

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