Shipping bikes to Australia and South Africa

Published by Lyn on 5 December 2017

Here are two services for shipping bikes to Australia and South Africa.

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We get lots of enquiries each year from cyclists wanting to ship bikes to or from France (see here for our summary of options).

However two countries – Australia and South Africa – often prove problematic. Shipping Australia/South Africa to France isn't usually problem, but the return journey can be. That's because tight quarantine and customs regulations in those countries mean that many freight companies won't ship bikes there as 'personal items'. 

However we've found two companies that will.

SHERPR is a door-to-door service that specialises in bikes. They work with range of international shippers worldwide. You can send your bikes from your club or home to anywhere in the world (including Australia and South Africa) and back again. If you are shipping from the UK, they can also supply reinforced cardboard bike boxes and packing (delivered to you before you ship) from £37.99 if you don't have your own bike box. See here or email me at for a direct introduction.

These guys are friendly and professional and all online bookings are usuallyl followed up by a phone call to confirm your plans to maximise the chances of your bike getting where it needs to be on time. They work with – among others – the UCI's Gran Fondo series and a range of other international cycling event organisers. 

Send My Bag works with DHL International to ship bikes and other personal belongings all over the world, including to Australia and South Africa.

"We regularly ship bikes worldwide for customers," Myles, from the company's travel trade department, told me.

"We have a dedicated bike shipping guide on our website which we'd recommend cyclists read before choosing to send a bike using our service as this provides guidance on how we recommend a bike be packaged."

He said there may also be extra paperwork involved for Australia and South Africa (so plan ahead and allow a bit of extra time). 

"When shipping to Australia, for example, a B534 form (provided by Send My Bag) is required alongside the receiver's passport and a completed packing list detailing the contents of the shipment," he said. "Shipments with a value of over $AUD1000 may also lead to additional customs clearance time and possible duties and taxes. Further information can be found on the destination pages on our website."

See here for more on shipping to and from France

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