Reader Q&A - Maps for cycling the D-Day beaches of Normandy

Published by Lyn on 18 August 2013

Jim emailed from the States to ask about maps for cycling the D-Day beaches of Normandy.

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I'm planning a cycle touring trip (from the USA) of the D-Day Invasion beach sites and nearby towns of Normandy. Probably doing day rides from a hotel in Bayeux. I'm wondering about the availability of any cycle touring maps of the Normandy Beaches area?


Bonsoir Jim

** UPDATE January 2014 **
We now have this comprehensive article on cycling the D-Day beaches. We also have this article on the route that carries through to Mont St Michel from the Landing Beaches.

I'd recommend checking out the local tourist website, as it has downloadable maps of some of the areas you'll be riding.

Michelin has a map of all of Normandy, as well as a combined Manche and Calvados map. IGN also has detailed regional maps. 

Click here for a respected leading battlefields map to Normandy (can be used as a guide for cycling too).
Click here for the companion guide to the area.
Click here for Michelin's map of the beaches as they were in 1944 - makes an interesting comparison and it's easy to carry.

Click here and here for our articles with general Normandy cycling information and links.

I hope that helps!

Do drop me a line back if I can help further.


Jim responds:

Wow, what a goldmine of links. I can see I'm going to be busy on Amazon getting prepared. One thing Lance Armstrong and I share is a love of good cycling maps. You should see my filing cabinets.
If I later need help deciphering the train schedule from CDG to Paris to Bayeux at least I now know where I can turn for help.
Take care,

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