Reader Q&A: Is there a luggage store at Charles de Gaulle?

Published by Lyn on 16 March 2015

Donna wrote to ask if there was anywhere to store bike boxes at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Here's what I suggested.

Movistar team bus

We don't all have a Tour de France team bus (this is inside the Movistar bus) to carry our bike boxes and other luggage around France. Photo: Remih

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Greetings Lyn,

My husband and I are planning a bicycle trip in France in May 2015. We are planning on bringing our own bikes in hard shell bike boxes since we will be in France for about 43 days. We would appreciate any information you might have on where to store our bike boxes when we arrive at Charles de Gaulle airport.

I have been enjoying reading all of the information on your website as we research routes.

Thanks for any information you might have on where to store our bike boxes.


I wrote back:

Hi Donna

I'm pleased you're finding my site of use.

Yes, you can store your bike boxes at Charles de Gaulle. There is a left luggage service that takes bags/luggage for up to 90 days. It's run by a company called Baggages du Monde.

Here's how it works:

I haven't used the service myself, but, as you can see here, this company is the official airport provider for this service.

If you are using an airport hotel at Charles de Gaulle at either end of your trip, it may also be worth asking them if it is possible to leave the boxes there for a surcharge (it may work out cheaper than the service above).

Here is my Paris accommodation map with a few bike-friendly options for the city – it includes two hotels at Charles de Gaulle that accept bikes.

I'd love to hear more about your trip and where you guys are riding.Cheers


Donna wrote back:

Dear Lyn,
Thanks so much for your quick response. I have sent emails to several hotels to check regarding bike box storage, so far only Hotel Novotel Paris CDG has said they would store them. We are thinking of spending the first night at a hotel if they will store our boxes and then the two nights at the end of the trip.  
I have looked at Baggages du Monde but felt it would be too expensive to store two bike boxes for that length of time. We may resort to cardboard boxes if we can't find anywhere reasonable.  
It would fine with us if you want to post the question on your blog.  

We are looking at several routes that you have listed on your website. We will mostly be camping. Depending on train expense and connections, we are thinking of training south of Lyon and riding the via Rhona, then heading towards the west coast doing a semi circle back up through Normandy to Paris. We thought we might go this way as the weather might be better in the south earlier in May. Although weather is not a huge factor since we cycled in Iceland last May! After that any temperature above freezing seems warm. We want to do as many cycle routes as possible and also the greenways.  
Thanks for your help.  
Donna and John.

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