Reader Q&A: Hiring a road bike in Paris

Published by Lyn on 29 April 2015

Tom emailed to ask where to find road bike hire in Paris. Here's where I sent him.

Hiring a road bike in Paris

Bike v train in Paris. Photo: Loic Lagarde

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A friend and i are going to paris for five days and are looking for somewhere to hire a couple of road bikes to get around the city. Are there any places you'd recommend to hire from? we dont want to spend a particularly large amount of money on it.


I wrote back:

Hi Tom,

See my Paris bike hire page. Allo Velo and the Paris Bike Co on that page both have road bikes.
Click 'Paris' on the map on the 'Where to cycle' page for lots more information on Paris and ideas on where to cycle.

In particular, see:

For cycling hotels in Paris see my Paris cycling accommodation page or browse the map below.

I hope that helps.

PS I usually post reader questions on the blog as reader Q&As in case they can help others (and to save me answering the same questions twice). I hope this is OK. I never include full names or any contact info.

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