Reader Q&A: Where can I hire bikes and a dog trailer in Corsica?

Published by Lyn on 25 March 2014

Millie wrote in to ask about hiring bikes and a dog trailer in Corsica. Here's our Q&A.

Dog trailer Carol Vinzant/

Travelling in style. Photo: Carol Vinzant/


My name is Millie and I am hoping to come to Corsica for 2 weeks in the summer with my brother and little dog, and we want to cycle around from Bastia to Bonifacio, and camp along the way. I was wondering how much bike hire is, and if it's possible to also hire a dog trailer.


Lyn writes:

Hi Millie,

Apologies for the delay - I've been trying to find you somewhere on Corsica that hires out dog trailers. I may have found you one!

First of all, you can hire bikes from Europe Active - see their website for info on prices etc.

Now, they don't have dog trailers, but the lady who runs it, Harriet, says they do have baby vans and they have an old baby van that they no longer rent out for children. It may be possible for you to use this. Anyway, they are keen to help if possible – you should email Harriet and her team via and let them know that I recommended you get in touch.

We also have this overview of cycling Corsica (it's actually an interview with Harriet). For even more detailed information, see the Corsica Cyclist website.
See also our cycle camping section for general advice and information.
I hope that helps.
If I can help further, please drop me a line back.


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