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Published by Lyn on 30 May 2016

Got an idea for a cycling adventure in France (or any adventure, for that matter)? Then here's how to get some cash to help cover your costs. Applications close June 10.

The Next Adventure Grant

Regular readers of will know that when it comes to cycling, I've got a fairly one-track mind. It drives me NUTS when people overlook France as a cycling destination, saying it's not adventurous enough. 

Tell that to Mikey, who's planning to cycle Alpe d'Huez on a fixed gear bike – not once, but EIGHT times.

Mikey was a beneficiary last year of Tim Moss' innovative adventure-funding idea. Bascially Tim thought it was a good idea to give a little (of his own) cash to people with fun ideas for an adeventure.

I think it's a good idea too, which is why I've made a little donation of my own (€150/£120) towards helping someone cover the costs of their own adventure in France. It doesn't have to be on a bike (but I might like your idea a little more if it is ...) – it just needs to be something fun. You don't need to push anyone else's limits or meet anyone else's definition of 'adventure': just your own.

Be quick, though: applications close June 10.

See here for the types of adventures Tim and his donors helped fund last year

HERE'S HOW TO APPLY FOR A GRANT (or to donate £3 towards the grant kitty). 

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