Reader Q&A: Bike rental along the Loire River

Published by Lyn on 20 October 2014

Catherine wrote in to ask about bike hire along the Loire River. Here's our email exchange.

Chateau Chambord by Philippe Rouzet

The beautiful chateau Chambord – a must-see on any Loire itinerary. Photo: Philippe Rouzet

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Hi Lyn,

I am wanting to hire bikes for our family for just a half day excursion along the Loire River. I am finding it difficult to find short-term hire – it all seems to be for days or weeks.

We have three children – 12, 10 and 7 – so a company that offers different size bikes or tagalongs would be useful.

Catherine (from New Zealand)

I wrote back:

Hi Catherine

Try Detours de Loire – they have kids' bikes and tagalongs (called 'Piccolo bikes' when you look at their site).

They do half-day rentals and have a number of outlets along the river, plus they have a delivery service. 

If you're coming in high season (eg summer or any French school holidays), then make sure you book well ahead.


Bike-friendly places to stay along the Loire

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