Reader Q&A: Bike hire in Poitiers for a cycle ride to Limoges

Published by Lyn on 30 May 2015

Elaine wrote to ask about bike hire in Poitiers for a ride to Limoges. Here's our email chat.

Poitiers cathedral

The cathedral at Poitiers. Photo: David

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Hello Lyn

Firstly congratulations on your very good and informative website.

I'm trying to put together a short holiday in France to join two friends who are biking from St Malo to Nice.

My plan is to fly to Poitiers (Vienne, Poitou-Charentes), bike with them for 4 or 5 days and return home from Limoges (Haute-Vienne, Limousin).

As it's only a few days for me I'd rather hire a bike, but haven't yet found anyone to be able to let me pick up a bike at one point and return it to another. Have you any suggestions?

Best wishes.

I wrote back:

Hi Elaine

Thanks for using my site - I'm glad it's proving useful for you!

I think your best bet is Bike Hire Direct, which works across those regions (albeit it with different franchises).

They only generally have mountain bikes though, which may be OK for a few days, depending how fussy you are.

For hybrids, an outside bet may be the Mountain Bike Hire Company (which do have hybrids despite their name).

They are based some way south but do deliver (I'm not sure how far north they would go for a small one-bike hire but it's worth asking).

Tell both of them that I sent you and they'll help if they can.


PS I usually post reader questions on the blog as reader Q&As in case they can help others (and to save me answering the same questions twice). I hope this is OK. I never include full names or any contact info.

Elaine wrote back:

Thanks very much for your help and very quick response, Lyn. I'll get onto both your suggestions and let you know if I succeed, which may be useful for others.

Yes, of course fine to post the Q&A.

Just off for Yorkshire bike ride - so much simpler!

Many thanks,

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