Reader Q&A: Hiring a touring bike in Paris

Published by Lyn on 27 February 2015

Johan wrote from South Africa to ask about renting (or buying) a touring bike in Paris for a two- or three-month tour of France. Here's our email exchange.

 Cycling in Paris Photo anw

Johan starts his French cycling holiday in Paris. Photo: anw

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I got your details from your site

First thank you for such a site that can help people from other parts of the world.

I intend to do a tour around France. I will be arriving in Paris, touring France from Paris, down west side (Orleans-Tours-Poiters-Bordeaux-Toulouse), then down to Marseilles, and then back to Paris via Lyon-Dijon (east side). Time period all depends but two to three months.

So I need to get into contact with someone in Paris who can help me with a touring bike with panniers – either renting or buying a bike with a possible buyback when I arrive back in Paris.

Would you be able to point me to someone that would be able to helping me either with rent or purchase.

Thank you kindly for your help


I wrote back:

Hi Johan

I also deferred to Bruce McAleer, who runs a great little independent tour company in Paris and knows the city better than I do.

Here's what he said:


If you want to rent a good quality road bike you can try Allo Vélo in Paris or Paris Bike Company, located in Malakoff just outside Paris. Paris Bike Company will have top quality Canonndale bikes. Allo Vélo will have Haibike road bikes (retail new for about €1200) and Peugeot Speed Sport road bikes (retail new for about €1700).

Allo Vélo also has touring bikes for rent (Winora Mallorca and Winora Santiago), which come equipped with front and rear dynamo lights and a rear rack. You can rent rear sacoches (saddle bags) from Allo Vélo, but I don't know if they have individual paniers. Allo Vélo also has new and used bikes for sale in a variety of models and prices.

Another bike rental places I just turned up in a Google search (and where you can also buy a bike) is but I don't have any first-hand experience of them.

Here is a retailer just outside of Paris you might try,

If you want to buy a bike, new or used, there are many bike shops in Paris and nearby. You can try the big department bike stores like Go Sport or Décathlon or any number of individual retailers. Just google "magasin de vélo paris" and you'll find loads of results for bike retailers. You might also find used bikes from individuals online searching a website like Le Bon Coin ( As far as buy backs, you would have to check with each store as to their policy on that. Good luck. :)
I hope that help, Johan. Any more queries just drop me a line. It would be great if you could keep me posted about how you get on.

PS If it's OK with you I'll post this on my blog as a reader Q&A in case it can help others.

Johan wrote back:

Hello Lyn.

Really not a problem, I understand these people are all busy, so please no need for apology

I will now get going with some enquiries.

I really really appreciate you help. I will update you on my negotiations.

Keep well,

I wrote back:

Yes, keep me posted!

Please see my Where to stay section if you need accommodation en route (or check the map below).

I have just added a lovely B&B at the end of the Roger Lapebie bike path from Bordeaux (I see you are riding to Toulouse on the Canal de Garonne). It's run by an Australian couple and they are lovely. That area is super for wine routes. The B&B is a bit more expensive than your run-of-mill hotel, but it would be a good stop for a breather and a bit of R&R. 

L'Autre Vie B&B at the end of the Bordeaux-Sauveterre bike path

L'Autre Vie B&B at the end of the Roger Lapebie Bike Path, which links Bordeaux to Sauveterre, not far from where the Canal de Garonne starts.

Anyway, let me know if you need any more suggestions or help.


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