Reader Q&A: Where can I hire a bike in Paris?

Published by Lyn on 20 February 2014

Claire wants to know where to hire bikes in Paris for a campervan cycling holiday to the Loire, Burgundy and Champagne.

Paris by Chez Julius Livre 1

Paris, the starting point for Claire's French cycling adventure by campervan through the Loire, Burgundy and Champagne regions.
Photo: Chez Julius Livre 1

Hi Lyn,

My partner and I will be in France in September and we want to hire a campervan and two bikes for a three-week trip from Paris through the Loire then east to Dijon, up to Champagne then back to Paris.

Do you know any hire outlets we could contact re the bikes? They don't have to be anything fancy, just well maintained and reliable.

Merci beaucoup,

Lyn writes:

Hi Claire,
Sounds like a fabulous trip!

Checkout my Paris bike here section here.
There are a few companies listed - they all pretty much do the same thing but it may be worth comparing prices (or checking locations relative to where you're picking up the campervan).
Here also is my map of bike-friendly places to stay (I've included Paris, as well as the Loire/Centre region, Burgundy and Champagne).
It'd be great to hear how you get one.


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