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Plans for a bike path through the Loire's grottoes

As if there weren't already enough reasons to cycle in the Loire, there are now plans for a 12km bike path through the region's grottoes. • Nov 20, 2015

First time cycling in the Pyrenees? Here's some inspiration

Not sure you're ready to take on the Pyrenees? Then this one's for you. • Nov 19, 2015

Sally's bike-friendly studio apartment in Provence

I received an email recently from Sally in Provence. She's renovated a studio apartment in the heart of the Var's wonderful countryside – and she's keen for cyclists to use it. • Nov 02, 2015

How bikes can help ease Europe's refugee crisis

In this guest blog, Dan Harris from the Calais Bicycle Aid explains how the simple bicycle can make a big difference in helping to ease the current refugee crisis. • Oct 18, 2015

Tips to protect your joints while cycling

A quick blog with some tips to help you protect your joints while you're cycling. They may be particularly useful for new or irregular cyclists. • Oct 16, 2015

Annual Wine and Mushroom Bike Weekend, Saumur

Two highlights of any good French menu – wine and mushrooms – come together for the annual Vins et Champignons cycling weekend in Saumur. • Oct 07, 2015

Woohoo – No. 14 on the Top 50 Bicycle Touring Blogs list

I'm not normally one to brag but ... well, we've made No.14 on the list of the Top 50 Bicycle Touring Blogs. • Sep 23, 2015

Reader Q&A: Bike hire in Souillac

Reader Q&A: Niels emailed from Denmark to ask about bike hire in Souillac near the Lot and Dordogne border area of south-west France. Here's what I came up with. • Sep 23, 2015

Photos from the Veloscenie Paris to Mont St-Michel bike route

A photo blog from Tracy Melass as she cycles the Veloscenic Paris to Mont St-Michel bike route for us. • Aug 19, 2015

Jumping red lights in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux

It's now legal to 'jump red lights' at some intersections in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux following extensive studies into cycling safety in French cities. • Aug 19, 2015

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