2019 calendar of randonnées and sportives in Gironde

Published by Lyn on 1 April 2019

Here is a downloadable link to the official calendar of randonnées and sportives planned for the Gironde department for 2019.

Randonnees and sportives in Gironde

Gironde is a department in south-west France that takes in the area from the Atlantic Coast to the west of Bordeaux through to the fringes of the Dordogne to the east of the city.

It includes the fabulous cycling area around Saint-Emilion, the official Lawrence of Arabia route and this little gem of a route. I've added other routes that cross through the department on the map below.

Here is the link to the official UFOLEP calendar of cycletourism events for 2019. UFOLEP is the French organisation responsible for coordinating sporting and activity-based events that encourage a more active community. It's a bit like the 'leisure' version of the French Cycling Federation, which is geared more for competitive cyclists.

The calendar includes some timed sportives as well as more leisurely randonnées over a variety of distances.

Some rides require preregistration and a medical certificate (nearly always needed for timed rides), while others just have an entry fee. The calendar includes websites and other local contact information to help you register and get involved.

You can download the calendar here.

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