Map of official cycling lanes in Paris

Cycling in Paris? Here is a map of all official bike lanes in Paris, plus tips and links to help your planning.

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We often get asked if it's safe to cycle in Paris. I have cycled in Paris a fair bit – the first time was more than 20 years ago; these days, I pass through quite regularly – often en route to somewhere else.

Paris has improved immeasurably for cyclists in those 20 years. There are bike paths and bike signs all over the place and some areas – including almost the entire length of the Seine riverfront – are completely segregated from cars. That's not to say I don't still get off sometimes and push my bike across busy intersections, but I guess my point is that I don't shuder every time I think about passing through. And certainly I feel about a million times 'safer' on two wheels in Paris than in London.

In any case, to help your planning, here is a map of the ever-growing network of bike lanes the city is developing in an effort to help cut pollution and become more liveable.

Click here to download it - large file so it may take a few moments.        

Cycle lanes in paris

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