Tour de France bike hire

If you're looking to hire a bike to ride a stage of the Tour de France or Etape du Tour, it pays to get organised and book ahead.

Road bike hire France

In some parts of France, road bike hire can be hard to find in a regular month – and it can be near impossible at Tour de France time. Some areas are just more geared up for leisure bikes or MTB than road bikes, and that means there's usually a shortage of quality road bikes if the Tour passes through.

That said, even in the Alps and Pyrenees, where there are more road bike hire options, bikes can be at a premium come July. The Tour de France combined with Etape du Tour and the regular French summer holiday season create a perfect storm for road bike rental. Last year we received dozens of enquiries from people wanting to hire road bikes at the last minute and there were simply none left for some busy stages.
It's not such a problem for hybrid or leisure bikes, but if you have your heart set on a great spec carbon road bike, it's important to book as early as you can.

With Roubaix on the 2018 Tour de France calendar, you especially need to plan ahead if you want a bike for this stage – there are surprisingly few local options near Roubaix and road bikes are often brought in by out-of-area delivery services. The west coast and the Grand Depart in the Vendee region will also present challenges for road bike hire as this area is usually dominated by leisure bike and hybrid hire.

The 2018 Etape du Tour includes a gravel stage for 2018, bringing high-spec gravel bikes into play. This again will stretch bike hire resources. 

Need Etape du Tour or Tour de France bike hire? Here's how I can help  

I have a bespoke bike hire service to help you find quality Tour de France bike hire.

So I can help you quickly and efficiently, email me at [email protected] with the following info:

  1. Your dates - when you you want the bike and how long do you want it for?
  2. How many bikes and what type? Road bike, mountain bike, hybrid/tourer, electric, kids', tandem? If you need a road bike, include whatever specs are important to you in terms of gearing, brand and size, etc
  3. Location: Where do you want to pick the bike up from and where do you want to return it, do you need it delivered to you/your hotel, etc?
  4. Save us doubling up - include where else you've tried (if anywhere) so we don't double up. 

Allez, allez!  

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