Nannybag luggage storage in France

Using Nannybag to store luggage, bikes and bike boxes while you're cycling in France. 

Using Nannybag for luggage storage in france

Nannybag is a relatively new service that's set up a bit like an airbnb – except it's for bags and not people. It looks ideal for storing bike boxes and excess luggage while you're on your cycling holiday. 

It's French company – it started in Paris – and it's developing a worldwide network of places where travellers can leave their luggage. 

Luggage storage is offered by businesses, shops, hotels and restaurants that have safe and secure spaces for excess baggage. Some Nannybag partners also offer the use of their wifi and toilet facilities for free.

There is already quite a large list of providers in Paris, Bordeaux and other major cities in France.

How to use Nannybag + prices

You book online by putting in the number of bags you have, and the dates and times you want to drop them off (and pick them up). You then reserve and pay online. Cancellations are free. All bags are insured up to a value of €1500 by the French company AXA. There is no size or weight limit, which makes this ideal for bikes or bike box storage.

It's €6 per bag for 24 hours and €4 per day per bag after that. Bikes in boxes or bags count as a regular piece of luggage. You can also store suitcases and empty bike boxes while you're away.

I asked the company for clarification about whether fully assembled bikes can be stored if they are not boxed or bagged. They said it was possible to store fully assembled bikes but it sounds like it may be up the individual provider (and how much space they have). They said that if you have a fully assembled bike, you should confirm via their online chat function about availability in the area you are looking. 

In summary ...

This could be a great solution for bags and bike boxes on rides where you are returning to your departure point after the ride, or for storage near train stations and airports. 

The official website is here.

Here is another option...

You should also price Eelway – this is a French company based in Lyon. They offer a simple online storage reservation service similar to Nannybag.

And another idea...

If you are using a hotel at either end of your trip, it may also be worth asking them if it is possible to leave the boxes there – even for a surcharge it may work out cheaper than the services above.

We have had readers stay at the Novotel at Charles de Gaulle in Paris and they have left bike boxes in the luggage store there without a problem. There is also an area at the hotel that's ideal for bicycle assembly.

More central to Paris, the Hotel de La Porte Dorée will store luggage and bike boxes for you if you stay there at the beginning and/or end of your trip.

If anyone has used a service to store luggage, I would love to hear about it via


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