Luggage transfer services for cycling the Loire (including one-way bike delivery)

Luggage transfer service for the Loire Valley, making one-way bike rides easier.


For the Loire Valley, I now offer a bespoke service where I can match you to a local baggage transfer company. Prices differ depending on the distance but they generally work in the Angers-Orleans corridor and prices are around €50 per transfer for upto 4 people (may be higher depending on the distance).
Email me at and I'll hook you up with a local contact.

They day-to-day baggage transfers as well as, say, return a hire bike to the point of hire, or do one luggage drop to the end of your Loire route. 

Another option in the Loire is to ask your hotel or B&B as many owners will be able to recommend a local taxi operator, or provide the service themselves for a fee. Indeed, accommodation providers who are members of the Accueil Velo scheme are obligated to help arrange baggage transfer. 

Accommodation and bike hire for cycling the Loire

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