A 4-day cycling tour to explore the Somme bay

A leisurely ride to pretty villages, sandy beaches and birdwatching

Offered by:
Le Vélo Voyageur

Phone number:
+33 (0)1 80 91 98 18

Tour length:
4 days

From €429

Bérangère and Eugénie began to cycle across their home country at the age of 22. Year after year they hand-selected the finest routes and hidden treasures. Now, via Le Vélo Voyageur, they are inviting you to share them. The Somme Bay is a natural bay situated in northern France (Picardie), where you will be flabbergasted by the fauna, flora and the authenticity of the small villages of the Bay. The combination of sea, marshland, beaches and countryside adds charm and makes the bay a unique holiday spot. The Somme Bay is also an important spot for migratory birds. You can observe them along the bike paths on your way to one of the charming villages and harbours situated all around the bay.

cycling the somme bay

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