Product review: Mudhugger Mudguards for full suspension bikes

Published by Lyn on 17 February 2015

Richard Peace straps a set of Mudhugger mudguards on to his full suspension bike and heads out in search of mud.

Mudhugger mudguards

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Mudhugger mudguards for full suspension bikes
RRP front guards from £18, rear guards from £23

Full suspension mountain bikes don't come with mudguards as a rule. This is most strange as riding off road is the place, even on dry days, you most likely to find most mud and water and get coated in it. Who wants a runny brown 'cycling stripe' up their back and a mud-spattered face?

Mudhugger mudguards

Very effective protection at the rear.

There are a limited number of commercially produced solutions out there, Mudhuggers being one of the few. Standard mudguards don't fit full suspension bikes as the articulated frame means you can't attach to the usual points on the main frame and rear triangle. Mudhuggers get round this problem by using the ubiquitous (when it comes to bike accessories) cable ties.

Mudhugger mudguards

Secure cable tie attachment at rear.

Fitting is a doddle with the help of a YouTube video and I was soon out on the trail on gloomy, wet and cold February day with plenty of winter mud to be found. I was delighted on my return to find not a speck of mud on my back and the guards still firmly in place after a good hour's riding.

Mudhugger mudguards

Two cable tie attachments on front suspension forks.

You might want to try a similar DIY affair with old guards, a drill and some cable ties but the solidity of the rear mount in particular, with its long straight sides made to butt up against the rear triangle, means you might struggle to keep the guards in place.

There are also 'extenders' for front and rear and I would have liked to try one of these on the front in particular (though I'm not sure the guards aren't just longer in the first place).

Mudhugger mudguards

A clean back even after riding through inches of sludge.

Overall though these would be an excellent addition if you are looking to add guards to a full suspension bike. The relatively high price is the only real downside.

Mudhugger mudguards for full suspension bikes
RRP front guards from £18, rear guards from £23.
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Richard Peace is founder of Excellent Books, specialists in cycle publishing. He has made several tours of France (including on electric bikes) and is author of Cycling Southern France (UK, US), Cycling Northern France (UK, US), and Electric Bicycles: The Complete Guide (UK, US). He is a regular contributor to A to B magazine, Bike Europe and writes for Eurobike Show Daily.

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