Product review: Hiplok V1.50 and Hiplok DC wearable bike locks

Published by Lyn on 16 September 2015

Richard Peace road-tests the Hiplok V1.50 and the Hiplok DC wearable bike locks – with pleasing results. 


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Hiplok V1.50, rrp £64.99
Hiplok DC, rrp £59.99
Also available at Wiggle and Evans Cycles

UK firm Hiplok have a well-established range of locks that you can wear and I tried out their heavy duty chain lock, V1.50 and their Hiplock DC shackle lock with integrated cable lock.


The V1.50 (above and below) features a very solidly made chain and is made wearable by the addition of a tough material sleeve with velcro strapping. I found it comfortable to wear around my waist, easy to lock and unlock and it looks extremely long lasting.


On my scales it weighed in at about 1900g; no lightweight but for that you get around 80cm length of extremely hard to cut through case-hardened linked steel chain. It's recommended for 20-46 inch waists. You don't need to lock and unlock it to wear it; just use a two second velcro strip that feels strong and secure. The nylon cover itself can be removed with hex keys for when you want to wash it.  


Hiplok's DC shackle lock (above and below) is altogether lighter at around 1110g and provides the same level of certified protection as the V1.50 (Sold Secure silver rating). It clips onto a belt or bag strap so, again, you can handily keep it about your person for frequent use. It only has around 13cm shackle length, so much less than a chain, but features an additional 1m long and 5mm thick secondary cable for locking paraphernalia to your bike, such as helmets. I also found it handy for a bit of extra additional security as it will also reach through one of your wheels.


While there are many competitors around that will provide the same Sold Secure level of protection for substantially less money, there are none that I'm aware of with the added wearability feature of Hiplok. 

Hiploks will be especially appealing to commuters and round town cyclists who don't always carry bags or panniers with them as Hiploks avoid the fiddly (and aesthetically questionable) task of attaching the lock to your bike while you're riding. I found slinging the chain around my waist in particular one of the most convenient ways to keep a lock out of the way until I needed it. 

Hiplok V1.50, rrp £64.99
Hiplok DC, rrp £59.99
Also available at Wiggle and Evans Cycles

Richard Peace is founder of Excellent Books, specialists in cycle publishing. He is author of Cycling Southern France (UKUS), Cycling Northern France (UKUS), and Electric Bicycles: The Complete Guide (UK, US). He is a regular contributor to A to B magazineBike Europe and writes for Eurobike Show Daily.

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