Cycling hotel review: Le Cèdre de Soyons, Via Rhôna

Published by Lyn on 27 June 2016

Jacqui Brown road-tested hotel Le Cèdre de Soyons on the Via Rhôna. Here is what she thought of the hotel.

Le Cèdre de Soyons

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Le Cèdre de Soyon
670 route de Nîmes, 07130 Soyons (Ardèche, Rhône-Alpes)
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We spent one night at Le Cèdre de Soyons, a family run hotel and restaurant just outside Soyons on our Dolce Via trip, which included this section of the Via Rhôna.

This is a handy option for anyone riding the Via Rhôna bike route or other areas of the Drome (the capital, Valence, is just 7km away) or the neighbouring Ardèche area of France by bike

5 things we liked

1. The hotel is an elegant villa from a bygone era with outside pool and tennis courts. It looked and felt very grand, especially as we turned up covered in mud from the flooded Via Rhôna cycle path. The bedroom was a good size with a comfy bed and a bath.

Le Cèdre de Soyons

2. It is an accueil vélo hotel, but the owners really went the extra mile to be welcoming. We needed some tools to try to fix Adrian’s bike and within minutes of our arrival, Antoine handed over a box full of brand new pieces that had been just waiting for a cyclist who might need them, and told Adrian to use whatever he needed. While the men fixed, Charlotte showed me to our room, and despite me pointing out my shoes were wet and muddy, she wouldn’t hear of me removing them and walking barefoot to the room. She said a bit of mud was all part of welcoming cyclists.

3. The location of the hotel is only about 500m from the Via Rhôna cycle path, so easy to find and no long detour required.

Le Cèdre de Soyons

4. The restaurant was great value, with a three-course meal costing from €21.50, and the food was delicious. The service was friendly and efficient, despite the restaurant being quite full and it only being the owners serving.

5. The hotel is named after the 350-year-old Lebanese cedar tree in the grounds and the tree is a rather an impressive sight.

This is a really good option if ever you are passing through Soyons and you need a comfortable and welcoming place to stay.

Le Cèdre de Soyon
670 route de Nîmes, 07130 Soyons (Ardèche, Rhône-Alpes)
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Our guest reviewer Jacqui Brown writes French Village Diaries, a blog about life in Poitou-Charentes, cycling, French food, travel, and books.

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