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Product review: Hiplok V1.50 and Hiplok DC wearable bike locks

Richard Peace road-tests the Hiplok V1.50 and the Hiplok DC wearable bike locks – with pleasing results. • Sep 16, 2015

Cycling hotel review: Hotel de France, Domfront

Tracy Melass reviews Hotel de France, a bike-friendly hotel at the crossroads of the Veloscenic Paris to Mont St-Michel bike route and La Velo Francette in Domfront. • Sep 16, 2015

Cycling hotel review: Hotel Le Moulin de Ducey

Tracy Melass road-tests the Best Western Hotel Le Moulin de Ducey, a bike-friendly hotel on the Veloscenic Paris to Mont St-Michel bike route. • Sep 16, 2015

Product review: Park Tool PCS9 home mechanic repair stand

We review the Park Tool PCS9 home maintenance bike stand and find it an excellent addition to any amateur bike mechanic's shed. • Sep 15, 2015

Cycling B&B review: Les Dix Arches, Bagnères-de-Bigorre

We stayed with Caroline and Andy at Les Dix Arches B&B in Bagnères-de-Bigorre during last year's Tour de France. Here's why we liked it. • Aug 25, 2015

Cycling hotel review: Hotel Le Charleston, Le Mans

I stayed at Hotel Le Charleston in Le Mans before riding the Le Mans 24-hour Cyclosportive. Here's what I thought of the hotel. • Aug 25, 2015

Cycling hotel review: Hôtel des Ducs, Alençon

Tracy Melass stayed at Hôtel des Ducs in Alençon on her Veloscenic bike ride from Paris to Mont St-Michel. Here's what she thought of the hotel. • Aug 20, 2015

Product review: IXOW anti-bike theft devices

We review the Safering, Wheel Guard skewers and Lassolock anti-theft devices from French company IXOW. • Aug 20, 2015

Cycling hotel review: Hôtel Le Versailles

Tracy Melass stayed at Hôtel Le Versailles at the start of her Paris to Mont St-Michel Veloscenic bike route. Here's what she thought of it. • Aug 20, 2015

Cycling B&B review: Aux Charmes de Maintenon

Tracy Melass reviewed the Aux Charmes de Maintenon B&B for us as she cycled from Paris to Mont St-Michel on the Veloscenic bike route. • Aug 20, 2015

Product review: See.Sense 2.0 Intense rear light

Good bike lights are vital for night cycling. We tested a rear light from See.Sense to see how it went on busy roads and in poorly-lit commons. • Jul 20, 2015

Product review: Mini Hornit bike lights for kids

Freewheeling France's mini-cyclists road-tested a pair of multi-coloured Mini Hornit lights – with unsurprisingly loud results. • May 28, 2015

Product review: Hornit bike horn

Richard Peace honks his way through road-testing the Hornit bike horn for us (someone's got to do it!) • May 28, 2015

Product review: Wildcat bikepacking gear

Richard Peace has a first look at a new range of high-quality bikepacking gear from Wildcat. • May 28, 2015

Product review: Bike racks for folding bikes

Richard Peace road-tests two bike racks for folding bikes: the Tern Cargo Rack and the Dahon Traveller Rack. • May 20, 2015

Product review: Tannus Solid Puncture-proof Tyres

Richard Peace road-tests a set of Tannus solid puncture-proof tyres to see if they are as good as their name suggests. • Mar 02, 2015

Product review: Mudhugger Mudguards for full suspension bikes

Richard Peace straps a set of Mudhugger mudguards on to his full suspension bike and heads out in search of mud. • Feb 17, 2015

Review: London Bike Show, February 12-15, 2015

Richard Peace has this wrap of what was hot at the 2015 London Bike Show. • Feb 16, 2015

Product review: BioLogic Smartphone WeatherCase

Looking to use your smartphone as a GPS on your bike? Richard Peace tested a weather case and mount from BioLogic. • Feb 06, 2015

Product review: Circe Atlas Folding Trailer

Need a lightweight touring trailer? Richard Peace took the Circe Atlas folding trailer out for a spin. • Feb 04, 2015

Product review: Nano electric kit for Bromptons

Does your folding bike sometimes need a little boost? Richard Peace tries the Nano electric kit out on his Brompton. • Dec 27, 2014

Product review: Cycling Stars Trump Cards

Looking for a fun stocking filler or birthday present for the cyclist in your life? We checked out a set of Cycling Stars trump cards. • Dec 07, 2014

Product review: Endura Luminite II Jacket

Richard Peace heads out in the rain wearing Endura's Luminite II unisex jacket. Here's how he got on. • Dec 02, 2014

Book review: The Monuments

They are feared and reverred in equal measures – Lawrie Jones reviews Peter Cossins' homage to the one-day classics. • Dec 01, 2014

Book review: Book de Tour by Greig Leach

Greig Leich's Book de Tour is a detailed artist's impression of every stage of the 2014 Tour de France. Julia Stagg has this review. • Nov 21, 2014

Product review: Damart Thermal Baselayers

With winter well and truly here, we road-test Damart's thermal baselayers for men and women. • Nov 19, 2014

Product review: Proviz Nightrider High Visibility Rucksack

We road-test the Proviz Nightrider High Visibility Rucksack with the rechargeable light pack add-on. • Nov 13, 2014

Book review: The Climb, by Chris Froome

Julia Stagg says there are no shades of grey after reading Chris Froome's autobiography, The Climb. • Aug 21, 2014

Book review: Merckx 69’

He was The Cannibal. Lawrie Jones is blown away by Merckx 69, a photographic tribute to his best season. • Aug 20, 2014

Book review: Get On Your Bike

Committed but poorly attired racing cyclist Lawrie Jones finds Get On Your Bike an engaging read for new and returning cyclists. • Jul 03, 2014

Book review: Two Wheels by Greg Moody

Julia Stagg writes fondly about the cycling murder mystery, Two Wheels by Greg Moody. • Jul 01, 2014

Product Review: Focus Thron Impulse electric mountain bike

Richard Peace road-tests the Focus Thron Impulse, an electric mountain bike that does an incredible 100 miles on a single charge. • Jul 01, 2014

Product Review: Giant Escape 3 Hybrid

How would a £300 bike fare on the road in France? Richard Peace tests one of Giant's 2014 budget offerings. • May 08, 2014

Product review: Axiom Typhoon LX 40L Panniers

Richard Peace puts Axiom's 40L Typhoon panniers to the test, and says Ortlieb's superiority at the top of the pannier picking order might be in danger. • Mar 24, 2014

Book review: The Foundling Boy by Michel Déon

The Foundling Boy by Michel Déon is a beautiful tale of a young boy's adventures in France, many of them by bike. • Feb 25, 2014

Product review: Monkii Carrying Attachments

Ever felt the urge to attach a flask to your bike? Need a clip-on bag for your tools? Then check out these Monkii carrying attachments • Nov 26, 2013

Product review: Boardman Hybrid Comp Bike 2014

Richard Peace takes to the road on the new 2014 Boardman Hybrid Comp Bike. Here's what he thought of the ride. • Nov 22, 2013

Product review: T2 Single Wheel Bicycle Trailer

Looking for a trailer for your French cycling holiday? Richard Peace reviews the T2 Touring Trailer. • Oct 09, 2013

Book review: City Cycling - commuting by bike

City Cycling refers to France as one of those countries that has been actively reviving the bicycling culture since the year 2000 • Aug 18, 2013

Book reviews: Tour de France 100th anniversary books

Two coffee table books have been released to celebrate the 100th edition of the Tour de France in 2013. We compare them • Jun 25, 2013

Book review: On the Road Bike by Ned Boulting

ITV cycling correspondent Ned Boulting is back with his second book, On the Road Bike, a search for the soul of British cycling • Jun 12, 2013

Book review: Baguettes and Bicycles by Steven Herrick

Steven Herrick's Baguettes and Bicycles proves that it is possible for a mere mortal to climb Tour de France mountains • May 16, 2013

Book review: France on Two Wheels by Adam Ruck

Guest reviewer Julia Stagg joins Adam Ruck as he explores France on Two Wheels. • Apr 17, 2013

Book review: The Valley or Heaven and Hell by Susie Kelly

We review Susie Kelly as she cycles around France in the shadow of Marie Antoinette in her book, The Valley or Heaven and Hell. • Apr 13, 2013

Book review: A Tour of the Heart by Maribeth Clemente

Maribeth Clemente (and her boyfriend) cycle through France in A Tour of the Heart. • Apr 10, 2013

Book review: Good Vibrations by Andrew Sykes

Julia Stagg joins Andrew Sykes as he rides his bike, Reggie, along EuroVelo 5. • Mar 15, 2013

New Guidebook for Cycling Northern France

A new guidebook to cycling routes in the north of France will make you want to go • Feb 23, 2013

Book review: Cycling Along Europe's Rivers

Cycling Along Europe's Rivers is a good introductory bike guide for newer bicycle tourers • Jan 22, 2013

Book review: My Time by Bradley Wiggins

Julia Stagg has lots of good things to say about the new autobiography of 2012 Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins. • Nov 18, 2012

Book review: Raoul Taburin by Jean-Jacques Sempé

Julia Stagg reviews Raoul Taburin by Jean-Jacques Sempé, one of France's best-loved writers and illustrators • Oct 29, 2012

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