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Cycling hotel review: Hôtel La Jetée, Ile-de-Ré

We stayed at the Hotel La Jetée in Saint-Martin-de-Ré on Ile-de-Ré during a recent cycling holiday. • Nov 04, 2017

Cycling hotel review: Hôtel Arène, Orange

We stayed at Hôtel Arène when we stopped in Orange recently to check out the amazing ancient theatre there. Here's what we liked about the hotel. • Oct 02, 2017

Cycling hotel review: Chateau de Mazan (for Ventoux)

We stayed at the elegant Chateau de Mazan hotel on a recent trip to Provence. It's an ideal base for an assault on the mighty Ventoux. • Oct 02, 2017

Cycling accommodation review: Vélo Gîte Valence

Vélo Gîte Valence offers budget cycling accommodation on the ViaRhona. Here's our review. • Sep 30, 2017

Cycling hotel review: Grand Hotel, Avignon

I stayed at the Grand Hotel in Avignon at the start of a cycling trip in the Vaucluse. Here's our review. • Sep 27, 2017

Cycling hotel review: Hotel Campanile Paris 19

Richard Peace stayed at Hotel Campanile Paris 19 while cycling in Paris. • Aug 02, 2017

Cycling accommodation review: La Maison 19 (for Calais)

We review La Maison 19, a cycling B&B with self-catering accommodation within reach of the port of Calais. • Jul 06, 2017

Cycling B&B review: La Vie en Rose, Charente

Jacqui Brown cycled in the Charente and arrived at La Vie en Rose B&B after a lovely day in the saddle. Here she shares her thoughts on the warm welcome she received. • Jun 13, 2017

Product review: Muc-Off Luxury Shaving Cream

Bike cleaner and lubricant manufacturer Muc-Off has branched out to help keep the boys feeling nice after a ride. We review their shaving cream. • May 15, 2017

Book review: Avenue Verte London to Paris guidebook

The official Avenue Verte London to Paris guidebook has been published by Sustrans • May 09, 2017

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