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Book review: Gravel Cycling - The complete guide to gravel racing and adventure bikepacking

Whether you already love the feel of gravel under your tyres or want to learn more, Bob Zeller says Gravel Cycling by Nick Legan is for you. • Jan 22, 2018

Cycling hotel review: Hôtel La Jetée, Ile-de-Ré

We stayed at the Hotel La Jetée in Saint-Martin-de-Ré on Ile-de-Ré during a recent cycling holiday. • Nov 04, 2017

Cycling hotel review: Hôtel Arène, Orange

We stayed at Hôtel Arène when we stopped in Orange recently to check out the amazing ancient theatre there. Here's what we liked about the hotel. • Oct 02, 2017

Cycling hotel review: Chateau de Mazan (for Ventoux)

We stayed at the elegant Chateau de Mazan hotel on a recent trip to Provence. It's an ideal base for an assault on the mighty Ventoux. • Oct 02, 2017

Cycling accommodation review: Vélo Gîte Valence

Vélo Gîte Valence offers budget cycling accommodation on the ViaRhona. Here's our review. • Sep 30, 2017

Cycling hotel review: Grand Hotel, Avignon

I stayed at the Grand Hotel in Avignon at the start of a cycling trip in the Vaucluse. Here's our review. • Sep 27, 2017

Cycling hotel review: Hotel Campanile Paris 19

Richard Peace stayed at Hotel Campanile Paris 19 while cycling in Paris. • Aug 02, 2017

Cycling accommodation review: La Maison 19 (for Calais)

We review La Maison 19, a cycling B&B with self-catering accommodation within reach of the port of Calais. • Jul 06, 2017

Cycling B&B review: La Vie en Rose, Charente

Jacqui Brown cycled in the Charente and arrived at La Vie en Rose B&B after a lovely day in the saddle. Here she shares her thoughts on the warm welcome she received. • Jun 13, 2017

Product review: Muc-Off Luxury Shaving Cream

Bike cleaner and lubricant manufacturer Muc-Off has branched out to help keep the boys feeling nice after a ride. We review their shaving cream. • May 15, 2017

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