Ventoux Cycling Holidays - Let me help you!

Published by Lyn on 1 March 2016

So you want to ride Ventoux? If you need a little support, I'm now offering a bespoke service to help you arrange your Ventoux cycling holiday. Here's how I can help.

Ventoux cycling holidays

Mission accomplished. Photo: Adam Bird

Ventoux. Alpe d'Huez. Tourmalet. They're the big three – the three summits I'm asked most about when people say they want to cycle Tour de France cols.

So, starting with Ventoux, I'm launching a bespoke Ventoux cycle tours service for Freewheeling France readers.

If you're planning to ride Ventoux and if you'd like a little help along the way – such as on-road support, your accommodation sorted, maps, bike hire, bags carried, airport or train station transfers – often it can work out cheaper (and less hassle) to organise something locally with a specialist bike tour company, especially if you're riding in a small group and coordinating different people (and their budgets). 

More and more I'm working one-on-one with readers to help find a tour tailored to their time and their budget.

That's why I'm super excited to launch my bespoke cycling service for cycling VENTOUX. I'm working with local Ventoux partners to give you guys out there the best range of Ventoux cycling options and the experience that YOU want.

To help me help you find the right set up for you, send me your wishlist.

Just send the following info to ...

1. When do you want to cycle Ventoux? (Rough dates are OK but exact dates are even better). How many days do you have? 

2. Do you need bike hire for Ventoux or will you bring your own bike/s?

3. What's your itinerary? Is the goal to just climb Ventoux or do you want to combine it with other local rides? Do you want to combine it with others cols while you're in France (Alpe d'Huez, etc?) Are you willing to travel (or cycle) between other key sites?

4. How are you getting to the Ventoux area? Do you need help getting from Avignon or another large centre nearby?

5. How many riders in your group? 

6. How do you like to travel? Are you a 3-star or a 5-star kind of person? This helps me find the right trip/accommodaton options for you.

7. What else? Are you OK to share rooms if you're in a group? Are there any couples who need double rooms? Do you want meals included or will you sort your own? That type of thing.

8. Anything else on your wishlist? Add it in here!

Now send the above wishlist to me at and I'll do my best to get you sorted.

I can help with other areas of France too – get if touch if you need advice about your cycling holiday.

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