Reader Q&A: Cycling traffic-free routes in Brittany

Published by Lyn on 11 January 2015

Glenys sent me a Facebook message asking about cycling traffic-free routes in Brittany. Here's our email exchange.

Voies vertes in Brittany

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Your page is great and very informative. My husband and I are coming over from Plymouth in June on our bikes and wish to cycle some car-free routes from Roscoff to Morlaix or Brest. Will this be possible and is accommodation easy to find? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I wrote back:

Hi Glenys,

Many thanks for your message – I'm glad you're finding the Facebook page and website useful.

Brittany is excellent for cycling – either on car-free routes or on backroads with little traffic. I've included a map of Brittany's voies vertes (or greenway routes) above, but you can also go to this page to enlarge it or download it. I also have an overview of cycling the greenway routes – known in French as voies vertes. That page also includes the map below, which provides a clearer overview. 

Voies vertes in Brittany

I don't know how long you've got or how far you want to cycle, but could consider cycling south from Roscoff on La Vélodyssée, which is a traffic-free route, or cycling the coast from Roscoff to Brest, and then down onto the Nantes-Brest Canal. I also have this suggested circular bike route from Roscoff.

Regarding accommodation, Brittany is one of the most cycle-friendly regions in France and you shouldn't have too many problems. I would recommend booking ahead, though, as it'll be coming in to summer. I've included my Brittany accommodation map beow with some options. See also my general overview of finding cycling accommodation in France.

I would highly recommend this book on cycling Brittany's traffic-free routes – it provides lots of information and inspiration.

Let me know how you go or if you need any more specific advice.


Glenys wrote back:

Thank you very much indeed – this is most useful and greatly appreciated.

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