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Published by Lyn on 16 November 2017

We get lots of shipping enquiries from cyclists wanting to send bikes to France. Here's one good option that's been recommended to us.

Bike box France

Whether it's shipping your bike ahead to France to avoid the wrath of baggage handlers (or to avoid schlepping with it to the airport), or shipping it home afterwards so you don't have to drag a bike box around France, we get lots of enquiries about bike transportation.

We have a page here with some of your options, but there's one service that has been recommended to us on numerous occasions this year so I thought it was worth adding it as a blog.

BagSolo is a UK-based service that has found something of a niche in shipping sporting goods. They used to ship a lot of golf clubs for golf tour companies and this year they expanded to also concentrate on cycling.

Quite a few cyclisst who use or site have said they have used this service (including one who had her bike bag shipped to and from my house!), and so far we've had no complaints.

The company works with FedEx, so all shipments are fully tracked. From my dealings with them I've also found their customer support to be excellent (by both email and webchat, thought they also have phone support).

At the moment they ship worldwide with the exception of Australia and South Africa (for customs reasons). For Australia and South Africa see here.

When I spoke to them this year they were super keen to help more cyclists (you can drop me a line via [email protected] and I'll put you in direct touch with their bike team by email). 

They currently work with a bike box hire outlet to help cyclists who don't have their own bike bags or boxes, but they also said they were working on getting their own heavy duty boxes for 2018 so they could supply these direct to riders.

See here for more info on the BagSolo service and to get a quote. 

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