Provence cycling holidays - let me help you!

Published by Lyn on 6 January 2020

Need help arranging your Provence cycling holiday? Maybe you need luggage transfers or route-planning advice? Then this page is for you.

Provence cycling holidays

I'm getting more and more enquiries from people wanting help planning their French cycling adventures. To try and streamline things a bit (and to ensure I can provide timely responses to email enquiries), I'm setting up some bespoke services for popular areas of France. I already have one here for Ventoux and this one for Corsica.  

Next up? Provence!

This is a region that's quite easy to cycle independently: there are many signposted routes, the region is varied in terms of terrain so there is something for everyone and it's littered with both famous sites and hidden corners to keep even the fissiest of bike tourists happy.

However it's also one of France's most expensive regions – particularly in the summer. There is of course a reason for this: it's one of France's tourist hotspots.

When you factor in accommodation and baggage transfers, costs can add up. Often people just want a suitcase taking from the airport to their end destination, or they may need bags carrying from hotel to hotel. It's this sort of stuff that can complicate a self-made trip, and these costs in particular quickly mount.

Sometimes it can work out cheaper to arrange a bespoke package that includes luggage transfers, accommodation and route planing advice. You still go off on your own and you're as independent as you want to be, but you also have some local support if you need it to help arrange bike hire or any other add-ons.

So that's why I'm working with some local cycling experts in Provence to help point you in the right direction if you need a hand organising your Provence cycling holiday. 

But to help me to help you, you need to send wishlist.

Just send the following info to ...

1. When do you want to cycle in Provence? Send me some rough dates (or precise dates if you have them). 

2. Are you bringing your own bikes or do you need help with bike hire?

3. Where do you want to go? Do you have any specific ideas or do you need help deciding? 

4. Anything else on your wishlist? Just send it in! As much info as possible really helps (How many in your group? Any accommodation preferences? Are you looking for a fixed base or do you want to tour around?)

Now send the above to and I'll do my best to get you sorted.

I can help with other areas of France too – get if touch if you need advice about your cycling holiday.

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