Reader Q&A: Maps for cycling around Fontainebleau

Published by Lyn on 18 August 2013

I get dozens of email queries a week about cycling in France. When time permits, I post some of them on the blog in case anyone else can improve on my answers or share their experiences. (Note I do not publish full names or contact details).

Jackie emailed about Fontainebleau cycling maps.

Please could you forward any maps/cycle routes around the Fontainebleau area. I will pay any postage costs.
Many thanks,



Hi Jackie,
I'm afraid I don't send out maps etc - my website is an information-based site that carries info relating to cycling in France.
Can I suggest you read this article and follow some of the suggested links to order maps and further information?
There is a good route outlined in the article, plus there are links to such things as downloadable maps from the tourist office.
Best wishes - do let me know if I can help further.

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