Cycling holidays in Corsica - let me help you!

Published by Lyn on 5 January 2020

If you're looking for a cycling holiday in Corsica, send me your wishlist and I'll help you sort it.

Cycling in Corsica 
Want to cycle here? Photo: Lea Dumas

I'm increasingly asked to recommend cycling tours in France. I already have my cycling holidays section, where I list some of the best, but often you guys out there want something different. Maybe you need a shorter tour, or a longer one, or one that leaves from a different city, or includes a different mountain to climb or river to ride.

More and more I'm working one-on-one with readers to help find a tour tailored to their time and their budgets.

That's why I'm super excited to launch my bespoke cycling service dedicated to CORSICA. I'm working with a local Corsica-based cycling company to give you guys out there the best range of Corsica cycling options and the experience that YOU want.

You just send me what you're after and I'll work with the guys on the ground to come back with something that matches your wishlist.

Just send the following info to me at ...

1. When do you want to go to Corsica? (Rough dates are OK but exact dates are even better). So how many days do you have?

2. Will you arrive by ferry or plane? (i.e where do you want the tour to start?)  

3. What type of riding do you want to do? (Road biking, mountain biking?) Self-guided or guided?

4. Do you need bikes or are you bringing your own?

5. What's your ability? Corsica is hilly! Are you up to climbing or are you more of a leisure rider?

6. How many in your group? 

7. What's your budget? I don't need numbers – just an indication of your style of travel: do you like 5-star hotels or is your budget more suited to 2- or 3-star B&Bs? Are you OK to share rooms if you're in a group? Are there any couples who absolutely want to snuggle up in a double bed at the end of the day?

7. Anything else on your wishlist?

Nope? Then get in touch at and I'll help you get sorted.

I can help with other areas of France too – get if touch if you need advice about your cycling holiday. 

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