Reader Q&A: Where can I hire a bike for cycling the Somme?

Published by Lyn on 21 August 2013

Patricia emailed to ask about bike hire for cycling the Somme.

Cycling the Somme is a sobering experience. Photo: Amanda Slater

Cycling the Somme is a sobering experience. Photo: Amanda Slater

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I'm looking for casual cycle hire while I am in Mericourt-L'Abbe in the Somme - my great uncle is buried in the Heilly Station Cemetery there. If anyone has information regarding cycle hire, it would be most appreciated.



Hi Patricia

Bike is a wonderful way to see this area - it is so peaceful and beautiful.

The tourist office in Albert hires bikes out - see their information on our Picardy Bike Hire page. See also on that page the listings for the tourist offices at Bray-sur-Somme and Péronne.

The Haute-Somme tourist board (Péronne on the listings for Picardy bike hire) also has a relatively new GPS + bike hire arrangement whereby the GPS is programmed with various 'routes of remembrance' around the Somme. The info is here in French only.

You might want to see our cycling the Somme story.

If you need a local guide, the tourist board has this list of recommendations.

For bike-friendly accommodation, zoom into the Picardy section of our map below for links.

Hope that helps.
Lyn @ Freewheeling France

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