7 reasons to try an e-bike on your French cycling holiday

Published by Andrew on 30 June 2021

France is a best explored by bike – and cycling isn't about fitness anymore. With e-bikes, choose your own adventure regardless of the terrain or your ability.

Electric Bikes in France

Powered with electric bike motors, e-bikes give you the extra boost you need to navigate that uphill or headwind without any problems.

From covering more ground to making relaxation on the go possible, electric bikes are the trendsetters of explorative escapades. And bike sales stats show that e-bike tourism is on the rise.

Here are some compelling reasons to try e-bikes on your next cycling holiday in France.

1. Go longer 

Whether it be a comfortable, 44-kilometre tour of Burgundy or an ambitious, 100-kilometre ride down te Atlantic Coast of France, going longer distances is comfortably doable on an electric bike. The motor powers the wheels when your legs get tired from pedalling, enabling you to traverse that extra mile while resting your muscles for a bit. You can explore beyond the realm of your physical limitations with e-bikes.

2. Go anywhere

Planning to potter about in rural France? Whether it's conquering the Ventoux or a ride through the gorges of the Lot Valley, e-bikes give you the boost you need to scale tricky terrain without breaking a sweat.

Electric Bikes in France

3. Drink in the scenery

If when you're on a route as delightful as the Loire Valley, you prefer to focus on the turrets of castles rather than your pedal stroke, then an ebike may be for you. Choosing an e-bike lets you enjoy the scenery to the fullest while letting you relax and bask in the country's beauty.

4. Go with anyone

Not everyone is as fit as Bernard Hinault – and cycling is for everyone, right? Fitness shouldn't hinder a cycling holiday in France. Choose your companions freely, whether fit or not, without worrying about getting to the finish line. E-bikes are perfect for groups that have more experienced (and fitter!) riders as well as beginners. The electric bike motors kick in at the push of a button the moment you feel tired, allowing you to keep up with your fitter, faster friends. Since electric bikes require much less effort than regular bikes, they’re also a great option for older riders. 

5. Go pain-free

Electric bikes are a boon for people with joint problems. Pedalling can put strain on knees, hips and ankles – an e-bikes can provide relief, the battery kicking in to make it possible to painlessly enjoy a cycling holiday in France.

Electric bikes in France

6. Go with baggage

Added power from the electric bike motor gives your bicycle the capability to take panniers or a trailer with ease. Plan weekends away or longer tours safe in the knowledge that te e-bike will take the load. 

7. Easy to hire

Electric bikes are now widely available in France and are easy to hire – even for one-way rides. This makes them a convenient option, especially if you’re flying into France, given that it can be tricky getting bikes with lithium batteries shipped to France. You can find bike hire help here. Most cycle tour companies also now offer an e-bike options. You can use this service to find the perfect e-bike holiday.

The right electric bike

Electric bikes come in various configurations. An e-bike can differ from another in:

  • Its range - how far or for how long its battery can operate the motor before running out of juice.
  • Its power - the wattage rating of an e-bike determines how much power it will deliver to the wheels.
  • Its size and weight, or whether it folds.

Selecting the right e-bike is as important as planning your cycling holiday through France. Here are a few pointers to help you select the right e-bike.

    • What is the distance you are planning to cover between charges? Check your e-bike for charge times and stations available where you can re-power the batteries.
    • Are you planning on carrying luggage?
    • What is the terrain like? Is it mountainous or flat? Depending on how rough the terrain is, choosing the right power for your electric bike ensures that your vacation is problem-free. 
    • Do you want a touring bike, a MTB or even an e-road bike?

Asking yourself these questions and preparing an itinerary to suit can help you make the most of your French cycling holiday.

About the author
Graeme McLaughlin is the marketing head at Evelo, a data nerd, and an e-bike enthusiast who is always excited about testing new bikes. After years of riding and coming from a career in cycle sales, he is still passionate about bicycles. Based in Vancouver, he enjoys riding everything from solo adventures in the mountains to big social night rides.

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