2021 Tour de France official program and race guide

Published by Lyn on 1 November 2020

The Official Tour de France program and race guide ALWAYS SELLS OUT. It has all the info that you need to plan your Tour de France trip, including stage times and maps. It's also great for armchair viewing at home.

Tour de France

(Image from a previous year).

You need to order it early as it always sells out.

We will post details below once it is released (usually in the May prior to the race). Please don't email be – dozens of people do and the response is always the same: I will post links on ths page as soon as I get them. I am not the publisher of the official race guide - only the messenger. The Tour de France organisers license the publication of the guide in local markets.

UK readers

There are usually two UK editions.

1) The Standard Edition of the Official Tour de France 2021 race guide costs. I will post the link here once available. 

2) The Premium Edition of the Official Tour de France 2021 race guide. It includes a few extra bells and whistles. I will post the link here once available. 

Non-UK readers

Please note that reader feedback suggests that some of the versions below (published in other countries by local publishers on contract) are not as comprehensive as the UK English-language version. To guarantee ALL the info to help planning, it may be best to ask a friend in the UK (if you have one) to send you a UK copy from the link above. 

* For Australia and New Zealand, I will post te link here once available.   
* For the US, please note the caveat above about non-UK versions. Reader feedback suggests the US edition does NOT have each stage maps and is more of a souvenir than a useful trip-planning tool. I will nonetheless post links here once available.
* The original French-language version is released in France and is made available at newsagents and tabacs (corner stores).

What's usually included in the UK English-language edition?

We find the UK version of the guide invaluable when planning our trips to watch the Tour de France. It's got maps of every stage, plus full team and stage profiles, as well as stage start and end times (they are particularly useful to have in one place both when planning and on the day).

There is usually a 'premium' edition as well as a 'standard edition' that includes stuff like:

Official race guide
- Wallchart
+ Extras like limited-edition postcards, socks, or a bonus cycling book/magazine (depending on the year).

Why get it?

We wouldn't go to watch a Tour de France stage without it.

We get dozens of emails every day asking for information about following the Tour de France – I always tell them to get a copy of the official race programme to make planning easier.

This guide has lots of info that can help you plan your trip. While it is published too early to include all road closure information (see this page for that), having all the stage information in one place is really handy. It basically replicates the official TDF website but in a much more easily digestible format and in much more detail.  

Each stage is profiled with a map that helps you put key cols and stage towns ito perspective, and to see clearly where access road may be. The pullout map then gives a full overview of how the stages interact.

This guide SELLS OUT EVERY YEAR, often weeks before the Tour. If you are thinking of watching the Tour de France in person, you should order a copy as soon as it's released. 

Here are the UK links again

1)  The Standard Edition of the Official Tour de France 2021 program – link to come. 

2) The Premium Edition of the Official Tour de France 2021 program – link to come.

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