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Climb Puy de Dôme in the Auvergne, June 25, 2017

For one day only, climb Puy de Dôme, the route on which Poulidor and Anquetil went head-to-head and where Merckx was attacked by a spectator. • Feb 15, 2017

211 French cycling holidays in one place

Looking for a cycling tour in France? We've done the hard work for you and put 211 great options in one brochure for you to browse. • Feb 06, 2017

When can you buy 2017 train tickets for France?

When can you buy 2017 train tickets for France? Here are the dates you need to know if you are travelling by TGV train in summer. • Jan 25, 2017

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I've just sent out another newsletter with bits and bobs on cycling in France. You can read it here if you missed it. • Jan 22, 2017

Here are some of the places I've parked my bike in France (accommodation with safe bike storage)

Safe bike storage doesn't always have to mean having your bike in your hotel room with you. I thought it might be useful to share some examples of places I've stayed over the years in France. • Jan 22, 2017

Should you pay for bike parking at a hotel? (Your answer should be a very loud NO!)

Should you pay to store your bike overnight at a hotel? Here's why your answer should always be 'NO WAY!' • Jan 22, 2017

Awww, shucks ...

Every now and then I turn on my laptop and get a spine-tingling message like this ... • Nov 29, 2016

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What? You STILL haven't subscribed to our newsletter? Good thing then that I'm posting it here for you. • Nov 28, 2016

The 2017 Étape du Tour

It’s the ultimate amateur cycling challenge: riding a stage of the Tour de France under race conditions. Here’s what you need to know about entering in the 2017 Étape du Tour. • Nov 03, 2016

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